Thermal conductivity value

Thermal conductivity value is the most important physical feature of insulation materials, which represents the thermal conductivity ability of materials when heating is stable. Different materials have different values. The lower thermal conductivity value, the better insulation performance. Kingflex products can reach the value as low as 0.032W/mk, far below the level of national standard of China.

Water vapor transmission

Water vapor transmission represents the ability of resisting permeation of water vapor. The higher value of water vapor transmission, the less chance for them passing through the material. Thus, it can provide the stability of thermal conductivity value in a long time, prolong the using life of insulation materials. The water vapor transmission of Kingflex can reach as high as 10,000, twenty-two times of national standard of China, which is 450.

Flame-spread index

When insulation materials are applied in industrial area, the flame-spread index must strictly conform to national or industrial standard. There are four indexes which represent the prevention fire ability of insulation materials: Oxygen index, smoke thickness, average burning time, and average burning height.?

The different series of Kingflex products can achieve many countries and districts’ standards, such as America, England, France, Germany, Canada, Australia, Korea, China, Hongkong, Singapore.