GLASS WOOL FELT Kingflex Glass Wool Felt is a product made in a process in which glass fiber is made from molten glass using the patented centrifugal method and processed with addition of environmental adhesive mainly imposed of thermosetting resin.It is an elastic felt-like mass piled up with glass fibers only a few im in diameter,with possibility of applying moisture-proof facing on the production line according to requirement.

Kingflex Glass Wool Felt goods are made for large laying area. Besides the character of thermal insurance, it also has the performances of shock absorption and acoustical isolation, especially for middle or low frequency sound, which can cancel the noise and improve working and living conditions.
This material can be freely cut in construction according the shape required, mainly used in room, noise-canceling system, transportation, refrigerators and household eletric appliances for noise canceling.

Kingflex Glass Wool Felt with aluminum foil surface has good capability of heat radiation protection, which in suitable for high temperature shops, control room, inner wall of the machine shops, room separating and so on as inner liners. 

Key technical index:
Length:10m,20m or as required
Thermal conductivity: 0.033-0.047(W/MK)
Service temperature:-120-400(℃)