King Fit

King Fit

KingFit is specially designed pipe hangers to seamless integrate with Kingflex insulation systems. KingFit is engineered to fit precisely onto Kingflex insulations to provide optimum load bearing while protecting against foam compression and condensation gaps that may reduce insulation efficiency.

KingFit is composed with both hard PU material and Kingflex foam as core and anti-rust metal shell. The unique composite design makes KingFit the best insulation pipe hanger in all applications.

KingFit HF is a pipe hanger with Kingflex HF foam for the same applications where 
Kingflex HF is required.

To make installation even faster, KingFit longitudinal seams are self-adhering. The ends are easily sealed with KingGlue 520, 520B or 520LV adhesive to ensure a completely sealed system.

The temperature range for KingFit is -58oF(-50oC) to +230oF(+110oC), for KingFit HF is
-58oF(-50oC) to +302oF(+150oC), intermittent temperature can reach as high as +347oF
(+175oC). With closed cell structure, water vapor resistance factor is 10,000 or above, thermal conductivity value as low as 0.27 Btu-in./h?ft2? °F ( 0.039W/mK ).

KingFit and KingFit HF insulation hangers are normally used in chilled-water and air-conditioner systems. To easily prevent movement of KingFit and KingFit HF, it is recommended that a pair of non-skid pads be adhered to the clamps. To prevent loosening of insulation wraps, use anti-vibratory fastener, such as a nylon locking nut.

KingFit and KingFit HF can be easily installed providing significant time and labor saving thus reducing the total cost of Kingflex insulation systems.