King Paint

KingPaint is water-based white latex enamel specially designed to compliment Kingflex insulations particularly outdoors to achieve maximum UV protection. When applied on the insulation surface, KingPaint remains soft and elastic to match the insulation materials being covered. In highly humid environment, KingPaint can notably increase water vapor resistance of the insulations. The outdoor surface should be recoated every 
2-4 years to ensure long lasting resistance to UV and ozone.

As KingPaint is water-based, it is free from irritable smells from chemical solvent. It can be easily cleaned up with warm water and soap. When KingPaint is used for indoors, it may be tinted with small quantity of selected coloring latex paints, but for the outdoor use, tinting is not recommended.

Solids Content: approximately 50% by weight
Coverage: 8 m2/L
Shelf life: One year in original sealed container
Storage temperature: 60oF(16oC) to 80oF(27 oC) 
Drying time: Four hours minimum for application of second coat

For best results, apply KingPaint to clean, dry and oil-free surface. Before application, wiping the Kingflex insulation surface with a soft cloth soaked with non-oily solvent such as alcohol to clean out the insulation surface.

KingPaint is a high dense liquid, dilution is not recommended. It can be used with brush or roller, at least two-coat applications. When applying second coat, wait at least four hours after the first coat to dry.

Caution: Use with ventilation. If swallowed, do not try to vomit, call emergency treatment. Avoid contact with eyes, if contacted, flush with large amount of water, and call emergency treatment. Keep out of the reach of children.